Network Security

Viruses, spyware, worms, malware, and service attacks are constant threats to a company’s network, data, time, and productivity. Their prolific nature results in a constant threat to a business’ computers, data, and critical applications. As these threats continue to grow in sophistication and severity, and without proper network security solutions, they can become a major organizational challenge.

JH Computech understands that electronic communication and data transfers, cloud computing, and web-based applications improve employee productivity and efficiency, which lead to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. While this reliance on technology is a great convenience to employees, customers, and vendors, it can also be a great source of risk. Unfortunately, the need and desire to maintain strong network security isn’t always reflected by business realities.

JH Computech’s family of network security solutions eliminates security gaps, enforces appropriate use policies, promotes regulatory compliance, and reduces your total cost of ownership without negatively impacting your network, bandwidth, and financial resources. JH Computech can provide your business with an effective security solution that: